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Crystal Fabrication & Contracting is proud to be a leading natural stone fabricator in Toronto serving all of Canada. We are a one-of-a-kind stone installation and fabrication company armed with 40 years of experience and an ongoing commitment to customer service.

We provide top-of-the-line stone fabrication and installation services with a level of professionalism that is unmatched. Our team approaches every project with the same standards, regardless of its size or scope, and works with the best in the business to source the highest quality materials.

Our Foundation


Consistent, long-lasting results. By prioritizing quality materials and partners, we bring consistent results to every project, every time.


Honest prices and timelines for your project. We are committed to customer satisfaction and prioritize transparency at every stage of a project.

Cost Effective

Valuable services you can count on. Our costs are formed based on the type and amount of material you choose for your project to ensure you get great value out of our services.


The exact results you’re looking for, down to the finest details. We cut, polish, and customize natural stones to your specific needs at our state-of-the-art facility.


Results that benefit both your home and the environment. We sustainably source natural stone and maintain environmentally friendly practices from sourcing to fabrication.


An end-to-end solution for your natural stone project. We assist you every step of the way on your journey to bringing natural stone into your home.

Marble Flooring

State-of-the-art facility

Crystal Fabrication & Contracting is your destination for end-to-end stone fabrication services. We are equipped to handle projects ranging from natural stone countertop fabrication to cutting full slabs for custom flooring and can work with a wide variety of stones including man-made and natural quartz, granite, marble, limestone and onyx.

We are present at every step of the process, from slab selection to templating the layout, to cutting, sealing and finishing the stone. As a leading stone and marble distributor, we ensure unmatched quality at every stage.

Marble Samples


Crystal Fabrication & Contracting is proud to offer natural stone fabrication for countertops and more using natural stones including natural quartz, granite, marble, onyx and limestone. At our state-of-the-art facility, we are able to cut, polish and customize stone and marble to meet your specific and unique needs.

Choose from a wide variety of slabs, which we will craft into unique pieces to meet your needs. Using professional equipment such as overhead bridge saws or CNC machines, we can effectively and cleanly cut even the toughest natural stone and complete highly detailed work like inlays or built-up edges.


Crystal Fabrication & Contracting offers unparalleled granite fabrication for countertops, kitchens and more.

We know that granite slabs can vary in colour and pattern as a result of their mineral and rock makeup – even when within the same batch – so we work with you to identify the best slabs to use for your project.

After we template your project, we work with you to choose the right slabs and then cut them to your exact specifications.


As the leading countertop fabricator in Toronto serving all of the GTA, we can help you bring your stone design ideas to life. Choose between granite, natural quartz, marble, onyx, man-made quartz and limestone for your countertop fabrication. We offer a fast fabrication process that delivers premium quality to ensure efficiency and long-lasting results.

Our stone countertop fabrication and quartz countertop fabrication services are unmatched due to our commitment to excellence and quality and the dedication and experience of our fabricators. We’ll finish any material you want, however you want, to help you get the look you’re after.


Every stone is a piece of art — let us help you turn your dream project into a livable space. If you have a question, concern or want to connect, contact us.

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